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We care about children with life-limiting illnesses. Our aim is to provide the best quality of life for our young patients who would rather be in their own homes with families. We bring our patients  back the joy of childhood and give their families time for love.

Alma Spei is a charitable organization founded in 2008. It provides broad humane and compassionate care for children staying at home from the point at which their illness is diagnosed as terminal. Currently, under the care of the Alma Spei hospice, there are 41 young patients from Malopolska district.

The hospice 24 hour care is free of charge. It provides for medical, emotional, social, practical, psychological and spiritual needs. Doctors, nurses and physiotherapists care for all 41 children. Care also extends to those people who are close to the young patient, and into the bereavement period.

During 8 years of existence, we helped  140 children.

In Alma Spei, we build precious memories and do everything to make the most of every moment both for the child and their family. And that includes organizing birthday parties, Santa Claus day, theatre performances, trips and having fun times through play and outings. We also support families with many children which struggle with financial problems because of the illness of one of the children.

Our hospice is an accredited Volunteer Friendly Organization. It means that we conform to the standards of volunteer cooperation specified by the Voluntary Service Center. Among Alma Spei’s volunteers we have students, lecturers and +40 volunteers.


First and foremost we need money for medical equipment (especially electric sucker – pricing starts at 1,700 PLN, pulse oximeter – pricing starts at 3,800 PLN) and medical materials such as tracheostomy tubes and catheters). All of them are essential to support children’s life.

Comprehensive care for incurably ill child costs 3.000 PLN per month.

The Alma Spei medical service is in 60 % financed by the National Health Fund (e.g. NHF finances one tracheostomy tube per year for a child. The tube, which costs 150 PLN,  needs to be replaced every two or three weeks).

Other costs including medical care, medical equipment, medical materials and events (St Claus day, birthday, meetings) are covered by money from donors and 1 % tax deduction.


  • Making wire transfer donation to the account number given below
  • Making contribution to the hospice (instead of flowers) during wedding, birthday party, anniversaries and funeral
  • Becoming Alma Spei volunteer and helping in everyday duties
  • Buying Santa Claus or birthday gifts for the children
  • Publishing on your website information about Alma Spei activities and link


PLN: PL 08 2030 0045 1110 0000 0155 0700
USD: PL 49203000453110000000096230

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